Confrontation. This word has gotten a bad rap over the years and it really shouldn’t have, it is often confused that confrontation has to be done in a contentious manner. There’s no rule that says it has to be. When something needs fixing, when a change needs to happen, when there’s a difference between the results you actually have versus the one that you actually need, then it’s high time for a confrontation. A structured, methodical and one that’s geared towards measurable actions and step changes.


What you don’t ever want to do is side step the issues, hoping they’ll get fixed. Remain stubborn with what you think is right even if the constant results are not showing it. The absolute worst is the cowards way of posting anonymously or sharing vague quips and anecdotes in the hopes that you’re making your point across. You may think that’s what’s happening but it’s really not and your just doing more harm than good.


Just like in other popular credos and slogans e.g. face your fears, own up to your past mistakes, take responsibility for your actions, it can all be done in the positive frame of mind, but the first step is the confrontation.


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