Recognize and accept when you’ve failed. Past Success and Stubborn Pride are bad bedfellows if unchecked. If all the signs, metrics, data and all the feedback being given to you points towards a failure, do not make the mistake and be in denial that you’re still doing well, just because you’ve done well in the past.

You’re past successes brought you to this point, but what matters is today and the future. If you can’t take criticism, feedback or refuse to ask for help, you are setting yourself up and your team for more failure. Do not confuse perseverance for stubbornness. The former is accepting the failure and making the immediate changes to recover. The latter is the persistence to stick to what you’re used to even if it no longer works.

If you refuse to change, the world will change around you and you will either be ostracized or be deemed unnecessary. Recognize the failure, accept that change is needed, the blame is irrelevant. Failure is ok if you learn from it. Use the pain and the learning as motivation to move forward and recover.

You don’t have all the answers? That’s ok. No one expects you to. Ask for and Accept help. There is absolutely no shame in that.


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