I’ve had several conversations recently with direct and indirect reports about how there’s “too much work” and “lack of bandwidth” and while in some cases there is indeed a challenge, in most cases it is never beyond solving or fixing.

Leadership in the BPO space is categorized as one of the most difficult because of the variety of maturity levels coupled with the fast paced environment that we have to deal with. My advice has and will always be centered around Drowning out the Noise.

Make a list, use measurable or observable data, with baselines when possible. Forget all the drama, the unquantified perceptions coming from various sources. Stop talking about how much work there is to be done, how much broken things need fixing and just start. Guide your team to FOCUS ON ACTIONABLE ITEMS. You need to be the voice of reason, cheerleader and guiding force for your team who is absolutely feeling the same pressures you have now if not greater.


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