Without consulting Mr. Google (or any other search engines) I challenge you to name the recipients of some of the most prestigious awards in the world today and why they got them: Please name the last 4:

  • Nobel Prize Winners
  • Academy Award Winners
  • Pulitzer Prize Winners
  • Grammy Award Winners

I bet you were able to come up with a name or two, but not all of them. You probably named a few “honorable mentions” but not the actual winners? It’s not that easy to identify is it?

What if I asked you to name the last 4 Leaders that made a significant positive impact in your life?

People who made you feel special but at the same time challenged your humility as well. Who didn’t make it easy for you but instead made you better so things became easier in a more sustainable manner. The people who built the right kind of connection with you, connections that are genuine and not done for any other purpose than to improve you in the best way possible. I wager coming up with that list would be super easy right?

Think about the award shows and the “thank you” speeches where everyone thanks the people that helped them, the people that made it possible for them to win, the moment when they say, I could not have done this without YOU!

These have commonality in the point I am trying to make – you remember the people that matter. This privilege should not be limited to award shows but should actually be quite applicable to someone’s career.

Make it a goal to have a positive impact in someone’s life, so whether it’s them receiving an award or just plain celebrating their years in the business, they will continue to carry with them the lessons and impact you’ve made in their lives.


This week I celebrate my 18th year in the BPO space and as my own personal tradition every year (you can check the archives 🙂 ), make it a point to thank the people who made it possible for me to be where I am today.


Some honorable mentions:

  • Randy Redden, for my very 1st promotion ever from Agent to Trainer.
  • Albert Gan, for convincing me to switch from Training to Ops.
  • Brian Johnson, for the best quote ever that I still carry with me today “Leadership is about results, not efforts”.
  • Travis Coates for believing I am ready to be a VP.
  • Hero de Jesus and Jojo Pacis, you’re in here somewhere. I struggle to pinpoint why but you’re here 🙂

I didn’t get to work with you gents as much as I would have liked but grateful to have worked with you indirectly.


And of course my top 4:

Mirelle Reyes, for believing that I can take on an Asst. Training Manager role back when all I ever wanted to be was a Trainer. For teaching me that presentations (of all forms) need to be in the version they need to be in the eyes of your target audience.


Mike Lazo, for showing me what true Leadership behavior and unforgiving discipline looks like. The epitome of fighting for your people even if sometimes, it puts you at risk yourself. A true leader and mentor in every sense of the word.


Kevin Urrutia, the living, breathing, example of what it means to continuously improve your skillsets. You’d always challenge us that if you’re not part of the top 25% (or higher) of your peers, you have no business being in that group. Not many people can pull off being a boss and a friend at the same time, you showed us how easy it was.


Mike Lytle, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? Brainiac, BFA, the Whiz Kid. Thank you for the unending patience and unapologetic stance for Solutions Orientation and a clear Vision of the way forward. The last 6 years of learning and development for me (and many of us) are because of you. Thank you.


And so 18 years, 73 programs, 11 sites, 9 verticals and over 6000 FTE later, here I am.


As the trope goes; Thank you to all of you, I could not have done this without you!

As always I commit to making you guys proud, paying it forward and making sure your lessons and legacies live on through the next line of leaders in years to come.





How about you? Who are the leaders that significantly impacted your lives positively? Any honorable mentions? Will your name come up in someone else’s list?


Whatever happens, always pay it forward.






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