I have written several stories about these people, the people who unintentionally give us perspective, the people who sometimes remind us of what we could become if we’re not careful, the people who make some of us look really good… I am talking about the Losers. Read about them here.


I write about them whenever I encounter situations that painfully remind me of why I need to be careful, why I always remind as many people as I can of the warning signs when we’re closely wobbling that fine line. Because without staying conscious of it, it’s dangerously very easy to fall into that mindset. YES – it’s a mindset. It’s not some innate talent to think of all the barriers, the challenges and how the world owes you a favor and how you’ve never done anything wrong and are always the victim.


Today I write about the people who rise above all the BS (the Bad Stuff) and just continues to get it done. This post is for you ladies and gents who I am proud to call peers. Who I am extremely honored to work alongside with. This is for you who in spite of having your own problems and challenges just like everyone else, choose to focus on things that you can control, ask for help for those that you can’t and choose to stay positive. To the past and recent awardees of the Blue Diamond Club, especially those whom I directly work with; Angel, Carlo, Ely, Fred, Joy, Ryan, and the rest who joined the ranks of less than 170 people in a company of 40,000. I am proud to know and work with you.

To the people who get sent out of the country for an all-expense paid trip and visit their respective Client Headquarters for being TOP performers and innovators: Honelyn, John Kenneth, Donabel, Allie Jane, Lennie, Sol, Serida, Karl. May you continue to be a source of inspiration for your peers and progressively challenge and move us forward.

Official Theme Song (play this in the background while reading 🙂 )

This is for all you Performer Winners out there who make us say – I want to be like you and do better (and not, I wouldn’t want to be that person ever)


This is for all of you Leader Winners who make their direct reports say – I am better today because of you (and not, I am better today in spite of you)


This is for you Team USAIR Training 2005


This is for you Team SPIRIT Ops 2008


This is for you Team USAIR Ops 2009


This is for you Team T-OPS Ops 2011


This is for you Project LAMP Team 2013


This is for you Team SPG 2013


This is for you Team Legen_Dary 2014


This is for you Team Legen_Dary 2016


This is for all the people who are reading this now. You’re likely on this distro because I feel you’re someone who wants to continuously improve, evolve and be better than the day before and is actually capable of doing so. Someone forwarded this to you because they believe in you and see you in the same light.


Keep on Keeping on Winners!


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