Caught up with an old friend who just recently dropped her “Manager” title and told me “Hey, I super owe you. I use your blog every week so I have something to discuss with my people and help get them thinking more like leaders”


I told her that she didn’t owe me anything and that I was happy enough that she is investing in her time weekly to make her team better through whatever means and medium necessary.


She proceeded to tell me that the favorite of her entire team is “Make a Dent in the Universe

They like it because it apparently reminds them to stay focused and understand that there will be challenges and that these are all part of the grand scheme of things to make an impact. Whether that impact meant their own careers, their assistance to their peers or direct reports or the impact they’re making to their families, anything. As long as you are making a difference, you can never be in the wrong direction.


Keeping true to the premise that we learn from each other, she shared this video with me which I then shared with some of cool leaders I work with today.

As expected, it resonated with most of them (people with the same set of values and belief set will do that) and got some great discussions ongoing. The comments had a similar theme. All in reference to the current hardships being experience in their expanded, in some cases promoted roles, they quipped;

“No one said it’s gonna be easy”, that’s what you told me, Sir :-)”
“We all wanted this
“Every time we think of giving up, we just shrug it off and remember that we asked for this.”


Just one of the reasons why I trust and respect most of these leaders I work with past and present, it’s because they “get it”. I then reminded the rest what “This” meant. That this among other things is about financial freedom, material contribution, career peak, making a difference and helping others learn, be better and achieve their own dreams, versus those who are mediocre, the whiners, the quitters and the losers, whose names will quickly fade into obscurity and won’t be remembered by anyone.


Today is fitting and a good update to what apparently is my most popular post. 😀

I am sure most of you will remember what game changing announcement was made exactly a decade ago today. Do you remember?


What initially began as a painstaking super confidential initiative called “Project Purple” that started way back in 2004 that had about roughly 1000 people working eventually came to fruition.

It was exactly 10 years ago to this day when Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone to the public on January 9, 2007, at the Macworld 2007 convention at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

It changed the world.

I have written about this event, this experience so many times so I won’t repeat it now, but take the time to go through what it was like.

Do you think the people responsible for this had it easy? Heck No!

You can pick up any article, autobiography out there and you will read about literal blood, sweat and tears on top of thousands upon thousands of hours that enabled them all to make a dent in the mobile phone universe.


In case you’re unsure of what the “dents” are;

Check back what old phones looked like then, compared to what they look like today. Every single mobile phone today regardless of company have the original iPhone to thank for being the template. Every one of us have iOS to thank for every single mobile phone experience in existence today.

It destroyed everyone and left 2 gigantic mobile companies in its wake. (Nokia and Blackberry) Companies who both disregarded its future potential, underestimated customer adoption and was overconfident with their own success. They are now a mere footnote of “what not to do” and a cautionary tale of “complacency” in this ever changing world.


As this New Year starts, what dents are you making in your universe?

Or are you still focused on what your barriers are?


It doesn’t have to be another iPhone, it doesn’t even have to be anything glamorous.
It can be as simple as being remembered for the help you gave someone many years ago that they still carry with them today.
Whatever it is just don’t allow yourself to fade in the background. Don’t be mediocre, don’t be content with the notion of “that will do” a.k.a. “pwede na yan”


Keep pushing, keep striving, keep succeeding, and keep making a difference.


Don’t stop until you make a Dent in your universe.


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