Here’s part 1

This one is going to be shorter and to the point. Which should make BFA happy as he tends to skip reading these once we go past the 2 page mark 😀 Moving on.

The last few weeks revolved around some conversations with people I directly work with and some that have moved on but still maintain contact to ask for advice, tips and tricks from time to time.

The theme has been Complaints. Complaints about what they initially say is A LOT of things but after A LOT of drilling, digging and cleaning up some noise, all rolled into 3 basic “reasons”

Their complaints revolved around the below items. When you read these, try doing it in your most convincing Squidward Tentacles Voice to capture the perfect aura of the situation.


The Problem: I am demotivated because… or I am not performing well because… or I am not happy here because…

The “Reasons”

  • I am not getting any guidance from my Boss
  • I am not getting any support from my Boss
  • My Boss is very negative and only sees my Failures


In my head I was already screaming and asking – What are you, Thirteen years old!?!?

BUT of course, reminded myself to behave, rise above, and ensure we keep the discussion objective, proceeded with more qualifying questions which turned that into:

  • I am struggling to cope with my job and I am not getting any guidance from my Boss
  • I need additional resources and I am not getting any support from my Boss
  • There are times when I do perform but my Boss is very negative and only sees my Failures

Which is admittedly a better description of what the issues are but doesn’t change what my recommendations around these “problems” will be.


On Guidance and Support– Unfortunately not every one of us will be blessed with a great Mentor. However, there is nothing stopping you from getting guidance and or support from other sources. A peer, a past mentor, another Leader within the group, Books, YouTube videos, anywhere. There literally exists thousands upon thousands of options available to you. Thinking you can underperform just because you didn’t get the guidance or support you needed is sadly not an acceptable excuse. While many people will understand why, it doesn’t change the fact that being a Leader yourself, you are expected to SOLVE these deficits, even if these deficits exist within your own scope.


On Recognition – It feels absolutely amazing to be recognized by someone you respect. Whether you like your Boss or not, it feels great when you are recognized and validated for the work that you do. The reality is, you won’t always get it. The fact of the matter is, you won’t always deserve it, even if you think you do. Work to understand your Boss’ point of view. More often than not, you will be recognized (and often rewarded) for material contributions and significant achievements and it can’t be all your contributions. Just check out Syndrome’s opinion on the matter below


Makes sense right?

A better point of view here is, do great work for yourself. Because you know you are either making a difference with your contributions or making someone else’s life better and there is no better sense of fulfillment (not just happiness) when your motivation is that pure.

You won’t even need someone else’s recognition if you get to this point.

My key lesson here:
We all deserve a great leader. I am and will never contest that. Until then, you’re not an invalid. Anything you don’t have, you can get. Just get moving.




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